The Only!!!

Posted: March 9, 2005 in i_THINK_therefore_i_am

So.. this is my blog page.. and i created it.. just to scribble in my thoughts.. whenever they come to my mind.. The thoughts.. that I think matters the most.. and arise as the result of some movement in some unknown fluids, inside The Only Almighty.. ‘The Almighty Brain’.

‘The Only Almighty’ ????- Well.. don’t think me atheist.. or pagan.. or even agnostic.. I am also a normal person.. do follow a religion.. go to shrines, but still believe very strongly.. that there is only one God.. ‘The Brain’.. and only one way of paying reverence.. ‘The Thoughts’.

So.. here I am.. using this blog page as a ground.. standing with conviction.. for ‘my Religion’ and ‘my God’… and serving them with “The Only” thing – ‘My Thoughts’

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