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No… I’m not an Atheist..
I do visit holy places.. Then how can they call me Atheist.. I’ve been to many temples.. what if I don’t believe in making any wish there.. I’ve been to church.. what if I don’t pray. I’ve been to Mosques.. what if I don’t believe in different Gods… And I don’t miss a chance to go to shrines… what if I believe in only one Supreme..
Why don’t they trust me when I say I am saint.. I worship one God and I don’t miss a single chance to pay my reverence to ‘It’.. The Ultimate.. The Supreme – ‘The Mind’
When I speak my mind to them.. they ask.. ‘why then do you go to the shrine places?’ I know I can’t argue them.. I know they won’t understand.. How can I tell them that I go to these places just because I wish to serve The Supreme – The Mind. How can I give them reasons.. which they won’t associate with their sketch of God.
How can I tell them that I go there because I believe that where ever there are thoughts there are energies associated.. where ever people think.. there are vibes… And how can I tell them.. that these energies affects every other person around them.. Where ever there is mind the thoughts flow and these radiations are absorbed in some way or other by the persons around them.. Will they understand that I go to such places because I believe that people come here with positive thoughts, loaded with certain beliefs.. and so knowingly or unknowingly there are positive radiations spread all around such places.. And I go there to absorb such radiations.. They don’t know why they feel so relaxed and good when they go there.. They give all credit to the place and the Figure associated with that place.. Why are they so ignorant… I know that they won’t accept that, but the feeling that they experience at such places is because of the positive thoughts of people and the optimism with which people visit such places.. And the irony is that they don’t seem to recognize their own contribution..
To add up, one more thing happens once in a while.. Some of their wish comes true and they tend to believe that that is because of the Almighty’s wish and His power to hear and respond to the pleas. What they don’t understand is that.. again it is because of their own thoughts. It starts from the point when they go to such places with a belief that if they will ask anything truly and honestly, it will get accepted by the Almighty and they will be rewarded with their wish. They just ignore the fact that when they make such wish they tend to believe that it will somehow come true.. resulting in change in state of mind.. their thoughts change unknowingly from negative to positive and they become optimistic for that particular wish.. for that particular thing they have asked. Every time they think about it they know that they will finally get it as they have made such a wish to the Almighty… And what they don’t understand is the power of Mind.. They don’t know that It is so powerful that when it is set to get anything.. it gets it.. and even impossible is made possible.. The only thing is to believe in what you do.. and I can bet on it.. that once the thing is there in mind – both concious as well as unconcious.. no one can stop mind to achieve it… Come what may..
Now how can I tell them all these things when their own concious choice is to remain ignorant.. How can I tell them that ‘Mind’ never stops.. it always thinks.. even when you are unconcious.. it never stops.. it keeps thinking… Then.. How will they believe that I go to shrine places because I believe that going to such places will streamline my thoughts for atleast some time.. How would I justify that I believe that atleast till the time I remain at such places.. I think only good and positive.. feel positive.. One has to control his/her thoughts.. and they won’t understand that I go to such places to practice better control over my thoughts..
So, it’s just the ignorance… and I can’t challenge one who wish to remain ignorant.. so I know that they won’t understand… and I don’t have any issues with it.. but can I ask one thing.. can I request one thing.. to them.. to all of you.. who don’t understand me.. that.. in the name of my trust and my belief in The Supreme‘The Mind’
No.. Please don’t call me ‘Atheist‘.