Wherever I may Roam

Posted: December 6, 2005 in Rides_n_Travel

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take; but by the moments that take our breath away” So truly quoted in movie “Hitch”.

I realised true sense of it on Sunday, 4th Dec. 2005. After 3 days of continuous and heavy rains when I finally saw sun shining down on Chennai, I could no longer refrain my inner urge of going for a long ride on my new ThunderBird. I called up few of my friends but everyone was hooked up with something or other. The urge was so strong that I decided to go alone. Anyways, it doesn’t matter much as long as I am with my ThunderBird. So, I started all by myself (humming the song from Godsmack – I stand alone) from RA Puram around 1:00 PM and within no time I was on ECR.

I would like to share one more fact about myself before I take you forward with my experience. I had never been a bike enthusiast. I always preferred to drive a four-wheeler over motorbike. I never owned any bike before, and this is the first time I have got my own bike. Only after riding my ThunderBird, I realised that it is not just about necessity.. riding is an experience of its own kind.. and riding Enfield.. is a Statement.

Well.. back to the Sunday’s Trip. I was enjoying my ride on ECR.. I didn’t know where I was heading to.. I was just on for a nice ride.. with no destination.. no aim.. no where in particular to go.. riding just like that.. remembering a song from Metallica’s Black Album – ‘Wherever I may Roam
”the less I have the more I gain
off the beaten path I reign..
rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond ..
call me what you will….’

It was only when I crossed the toll gate on ECR and saw one milestone stating Mahabalipuram as just 30 kms away that I thought of making it to Mahabalipuram.I was really enjoying my first ride out of Chennai.. with a long stretched road ahead.. sight of sea on my left.. a pleasant weather and feeling a cool breeze on my face..

I rode for another 20 odd kms. when ‘The Thing’ happened.. I spotted a group of around 10-12 Enfield riders.. who were standing just off the road and enjoying the site..Immediately it struck me.. that they might be from Madras Bulls. I was aware of this club and had applied for the membership as well, but was not formally inducted to the group.I turned my bike and headed towards the Group. I was greeted by Vinod and Abhijay and yup! They told me that they are from Madras Bulls. I introduced myself to the group and they extended me an offer to join them. And there I was.. no more alone.. And after that it was like living a dream..With 10 Enfields thumping and ruling the road, we rushed towards Mahabalipuram.. It was an amazing experience for me and awesome site for others..

It didn’t take us long to reach our destination. All of us parked our bikes together and headed for a restaurant. There we had a grand gala time.. We talked about our experiences.. about upcoming events.. upcoming rides.. and what not.. Each and every person in the group was so friendly that they didn’t let me feel as a newbie.. I felt like being a part of the Club from a long time..

After a couple of drinks and a lot of masti.. we finally rolled back towards Chennai around 5 PM. Again with 10 bikes roaring and thumping together.. ‘Everyone gives way for Enfield’ and I witnessed how true it is, while coming back to Chennai.. I was doing 60-70 when I saw Vinod far ahead on his Machismo at 100+. I too was tempted and that was the first time I touched 100. It was an awesome experience.. There was one more group riding some other machines.. they moved their bike towards one side of the road to make way for us.. and when one person of that group waved his hand in appreciation.. and I felt like being on top of the World.

Finally after a long and interesting ride we were back in Chennai. The only sad part of the whole trip was that I didn’t get the chance to say Thanks to such a lovely group. We were supposed to meet at some food joint in Adyar, but while coming towards Adyar somewhere near Tiruvanmiyur I lost track of the group.. I tried for some time to find the group but could not find them. I had to see off one of my friend who was about to leave for Hyderabad, so I gave up the search and went straight to my friend’s place. I am posting this story not only to share my experience but also to thank the group, which made yesterday one of the memorable days of my life. I know I will meet them again and will extend my thanks personally but I don’t want to wait till then. Looking forward for more and more rides like this one..

Hail Madras Bulls!!!

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