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Quote for Oskar Schindler

Posted: February 20, 2006 in Quotes_n_Facts

“Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire”

Schindler’s List – I have seen this movie couple of times. A great movie.. an abode to a Great Man – Oscar Schindler.

‘No one will ever know exactly what made this complex man do what no German had the courage to do. Oscar Schindler rose to the highest level of humanity, walked through the bloody mud of the Holocaust without soiling his respect for human life – and gave his Jews a second chance at life.’ – Extract from website
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Quote of the Week

Posted: February 16, 2006 in Quotes_n_Facts

“People wish to be settled. Only as far as they are unsettled is there any hope for them” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Something is terribly wrong… Something is dying… Only few days have passed.. Say, roughly one week that I’ve put in my efforts in this direction.. and within one week I am feeling exhausted.. How will it happen then?? I don’t want to let it die so soon.. You were asking about the issues and concerns na.. this is the most critical one.

The energy dies out.. the focus fades away.. and it is very important to keep this fire alive.. otherwise.. the only outcome possible is… obliteration, and I don’t want that to happen.. So, I’ve to fight with myself.. I’ve to keep reminding myself of the promise that I’ve made.. and yes about the most important thing.. ‘The Miles’ (..and Miles to go before I sleep)

Sometimes we create all frenzy around our naive ideas.. We tend to think that these ideas have got great potential.. a big promise.. and we start working on it.. not gradually.. not in a planned way.. but infact we pounce upon the idea.. the idea of making our idea BIG.. and we start working on it without giving it any serious thought.. And then in due course of time we realize, that there was nothing big in that idea.. but we could have made it great.. if only we could have planned that in different way.. So, getting carried away by the idea is the second issue… leading to lack of planning, which is third..

Well… Top three issues are here.. and I’ve faced them all within just one week of my dreaming high.. I’ll share more insights.. as and when I’ll face them..

Hope to get some insights from you as well..

Hello.. Hello……. Where are you buddy??

Inspiring Quote: Paulo Coelho

Posted: February 14, 2006 in Quotes_n_Facts

Shekhar Gupta had an interview with Paulo Coelho (author of “The Alchemist” among other books). A quote: “there is only one thing I really treasure in a human being. You can have your fears, you can have your moments of doubt, but you can never be a coward. You have to face your fears, you have to overcome your moments of doubt, you have to believe that if you look for it there is always a solution. If you really want something, the whole universe is going to conspire to help you. But to do that, you have to be brave. Brave enough to fight for things that are meaningful to you. Not meaningful to A, B or C, but to you.”

Think over it !!

‘Is there something amiss??… That energy.. that enthu… was it for real ???… Yesterday, was I really up to something.. or, was that influence of spirit??.. Oh! Wait.. I remember now.. Nope.. I didn’t have any alcohol yesterday.. Then what??… ummm???… so, it must have been Real… Coool, Now what?? If that was for real then how should I feel.. exhilarated??… but the thing is that this is simply not possible… Within an hour I have to leave for office… have to go there and do all the work they pay me for.. and this is the only truth… what else??’

Alas! Okay tell me then what should I do now??

“Get up from the bed and get ready for the office buddy… u can’t lie down and think for eternity. Look ahead.. you have a job that assures you certainty.. regular income, that can accommodate your extravagant life-style, can help you in settling up your liabilities. Get up man and start moving… your workplace is waiting for you…”

But???… okay let me share with you a deep secret of mine.. Buddy.. I don’t like this job.. and I’m sure that I won’t like any other as well.. as long as I am working for someone else.. for someone else’s company I will not like it… I don’t want to do any routine job.. Do you really want to know what kind of work I find most interesting and what I would have loved to do???
I want my ideal work to be challenging.. New challenges every day… every moment.. so that every morning when I get up.. I can see a new challenge in front of me.. I want to own responsibility for every act of mine.. I want to own my work.. I wish to run my own company.

“Hey.. hey bugger.. stop it.. cut the crap…and start moving.. you have got a lot or work to do. Remember that document.. you have to freeze today..?? You can’t afford to waste your time thinking all this..”

Buddy.. look at me.. I am serious.. damn serious.. and you know what I have been doing for the last few days.. How seriously we are thinking about this thing.. and you are just shrugging this idea of mine… Please… please understand me.. and suggest me what to do? Yesterday I came across this article from entrepreneur Rajesh Jain, which said that you have to come out of the shell and stop looking back if you want to do something of this sort.. It said that if you have got an idea and wish to start up your own company.. then please.. quit the current job.. and don’t look back.. He also talked about N+1 factor i.e. Entrepreneurs often falls victim of this N+1 cycle which is nothing but waiting for one more year before starting a company of their own.. Article said that till the time a person has got an exit route he couldn’t put his heart and actions completely focused on new start up…. Until it is a do or die situation one can’t do justice to the amount of hard work and focus any start up requires.. Article also said that it is very demanding.. and challenging.. Well, I don’t know nothing.. I just want to go ahead and do it.. I wish to take it forward… It is surely worth giving a try.. and I am going to do it.. That’s for sure.

“Well.. well.. If you are so serious.. then I think we shall get into more details.. Tell me now what’s your prime concern??.. What is the main hurdle if you are so sure??”

There are plenty my friend… plenty… I will share every hitch and concern with you some other day.. as the list is too long.. But today I would like to tell you that… I can see what I am upto.. I have always wanted to start my company.. and I swear I won’t let this fire die… Come What May.