A dialogue with Self – Part 2

Posted: February 14, 2006 in i_THINK_therefore_i_am, The_Entrepreneur_in_Me

Something is terribly wrong… Something is dying… Only few days have passed.. Say, roughly one week that I’ve put in my efforts in this direction.. and within one week I am feeling exhausted.. How will it happen then?? I don’t want to let it die so soon.. You were asking about the issues and concerns na.. this is the most critical one.

The energy dies out.. the focus fades away.. and it is very important to keep this fire alive.. otherwise.. the only outcome possible is… obliteration, and I don’t want that to happen.. So, I’ve to fight with myself.. I’ve to keep reminding myself of the promise that I’ve made.. and yes about the most important thing.. ‘The Miles’ (..and Miles to go before I sleep)

Sometimes we create all frenzy around our naive ideas.. We tend to think that these ideas have got great potential.. a big promise.. and we start working on it.. not gradually.. not in a planned way.. but infact we pounce upon the idea.. the idea of making our idea BIG.. and we start working on it without giving it any serious thought.. And then in due course of time we realize, that there was nothing big in that idea.. but we could have made it great.. if only we could have planned that in different way.. So, getting carried away by the idea is the second issue… leading to lack of planning, which is third..

Well… Top three issues are here.. and I’ve faced them all within just one week of my dreaming high.. I’ll share more insights.. as and when I’ll face them..

Hope to get some insights from you as well..

Hello.. Hello……. Where are you buddy??

  1. Dr. Gonzo says:

    These chats with the self are scary. Mine are more angry and anguished. They do not have the clarity of that one thing that you want to do.Met Satish over in Bangalore a couple of days back. He has joined SE Raja, with Rajesh Jain. And he is opening up a cafe bistro in bangalore. Not easy for him. But there he is. Riding the thunder!How are you otherwise?

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