Dream – Part I – ‘Please Understand…’

Posted: May 3, 2006 in i_THINK_therefore_i_am

‘Please understand…’

Yes, I understand… I understand you dear… Don’t worry I won’t trouble you again. What if, I have always thought of you? What if, I have always aspired for you? What if, I have always wanted to be with you? What difference does this all really make? No, sweetheart I won’t bother you again.

‘You are so great a person that you have no parallel. You are very mature, and understanding.’ says ‘Dream’. ‘It is really great to come across a person like you. No one can ever replace you, your respect and your mark in my mind. I can never forget you. May be you deserve something better. May be it is all happening for good. I wish you all the success in life. Have a wonderful life (without me), and be in touch.’

Smiling and with watery eyes I say goodbye and let go ‘The Dream’ to some far off land. Standing behind with a proud chest and inflated emotions but standing all alone.

Next day, I think about getting in touch with ‘The Dream’ again, but something is preventing me. Some resistance is there. But what is that thing… who is stopping me to reach ‘The Dream’… Wait… Let me think… Oh! Okay, maybe those two immortal words ‘Please Understand’. Yeah now ‘I understand’.

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