Into the Blues

Posted: May 12, 2007 in i_THINK_therefore_i_am, The_Entrepreneur_in_Me
Sometimes, you feel the need for adrenaline.. You have lot of things to wind up. You work, work and work. You start your day with sunrise and keep winding up what ever comes to you. You give your best. Towards the end of day you look back and feel great ‘Yes, it was one efficient day!!’ You take a corner to catch a breather, and can actually listen to your pulses which are soothing down to that familiar slow track on your music system. You try to hum that tune along, some thoughts follow, some emotions spur and suddenly you start feeling that emptiness around. That college, those friends, those hangout places, that time. Ooops, you are Nostalgic!!

This happens at times and with almost all of us as we grow along the career ladder and our professional lives. We put efforts to get best out of that one day, that one second even at the cost of moments which we could have lived. We try consciously to avoid that nostalgia. We don’t realize that more hard we try more intense it turns.

Have you ever had similar feeling? Now the point in question is, when this is so common a feeling, a phenomenon, then can we not build some venture around this? Some website, some service, to give that comfortable feeling to all of us when ever we feel nostalgic, whenever we are ‘into the blues’.

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