Day 15: Chandigarh – Delhi

Posted: July 8, 2007 in Rides_n_Travel

Alas! Last day of our trip. We started from Chandigarh around 10 AM and were planning to reach Delhi by 3. Ride was going on smooth and the 4 lane highway was inviting. It was on this stretch when we got a ticket for over speeding at 70 kph. Speed limit for two-wheelers on this highway is 50 kph. What a joke! Myself and Jatin paid on the spot fine of Rs. 400 each. Prasoon was the blessed one as we warned him in time. (He still owes a party to us) As we moved farther ahead, my bike got first flat tyre of its life. Some 21,000 odd kms and no flat tyre!! So, it was well due. Got it fixed and then finally reached Delhi, safe and sound, after clocking little over 3000 kms. We greeted and then parted our ways, each of us carrying some immortal memories with us.

Total distance covered: 300 kms

  1. jsr says:

    read the log completely 🙂 beautiful.. reminds me of my first Leh ride! I am going to make it again…

  2. Dr. Gonzo says:

    beautifully written, Rahul. Very crisply written. I loved the ride.Makes me ache to go on the ride myself.Loved especially how you have put in one picture at the start of each page.

  3. Nish says:

    Wonderful, Rahul.. Hope I too can realise the dream of making the utlimate Bullet pirgrimage; sometime soon.

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