Day 4: Rest day at Srinagar

Posted: July 8, 2007 in Rides_n_Travel

Day 4 we woke up ekdum araam se. Bed was like the best comfort in this World. We expected that Srinagar (5220 ft) would be cold, but even there was not much respite. We had plans to go to Gulmarg (80 kms from Srinagar), but the thought of riding was not so pleasant after 3 days of riding. So, we lazed around in the house boat till 4.30 PM. Then we looked out for a bike mech as Prasoon’s bike was giving some problem. We took our bikes to a famous local Enfield mech – Tahir (near Sanmar crossing). We were amazed to see his knowledge and skills. Must say, I haven’t seen such an efficient mech in my life. Just in 30-45 mins he managed to check all our bikes and shared whatever he observed, which helped us later in our trip. There was no other problem in my bike just that Tahir told that my crank is busted and I need to take more care. Well, I knew about the problem with my crank as there was a shrill in engine and the mechs back in Mumbai had already warned me. I took a call to get all this tuned up after the Leh trip.

After getting our bikes tuned up, we headed straight to Nishat Garden. After which we spent some time in the local market.(Off the topic, but worth a mention. As with Kashmir, we were equally amazed by the beauty of Kashmiri girls and most of them have got that innocent look.) Our day ended with delicious Kashmiri Vazwan dinner served at houseboat.

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