Day 6: Kargil – Lamayuru

Posted: July 8, 2007 in Rides_n_Travel

We were too tired the previous day and its hangover gave us an excuse to sleep till 10. By the time we started again it was already 1 PM. We decided to cover as much as possible by 7 and then to take a halt, but not to ride after dark. And so we started again on one of the Godly stretch on this tour. Mountains were no longer green. They were all grey. Big mountains and long road and not even a single sign board for miles. While driving on this stretch one can not ignore that feeling of loneliness. It creeps in. And for us it was first stretch of this kind with just the noise of whizzing motor and speedy winds. We crossed Namik La and again were forced to halt for 30 mins as BRO was in process of widening the road. There are plans of making this complete Srinagar – Leh stretch a double lane highway by 2012. We knew by this time that it would not be possible for us to reach Leh. As we moved ahead, Prasoon’s clutch broke down (God! Why always with Prasoon!!?). Another 30 mins gone. We gave up and decided to put a halt at Lamayuru. There is a famous old Gompa (Monastery) in Lamayuru and we thought of this as an opportunity to visit that. Once decided, we were riding at our own pace getting most out of the nature. Then we crossed windy Fotu La and later reached Lamayuru around 7 PM.

Total distance covered: 111 kms

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