#Tweet #FaceBook – Can we use Twitter to sell ice-creams!!?

Posted: January 11, 2010 in Internet, Management, The_Entrepreneur_in_Me

Using Twitter to sell ice-creams!!?
Recently I have come across many articles about the power of
Web 2.0 (social websites/Facebook/Orkut, microblogging/twitter, etc.).
Popularity and reach of these sites is well known. Many companies (even the
likes of Dell, Dominoes, etc.) are using them to their benefit. Predominantly
companies are using them for promotion and marketing activities to reach out
millions of users. This prompted me to think, in how many different ways can
these websites be used to get a business benefit? What different business and
delivery models exists at present around these websites and what new
possibilities can be explored? 

I am trying to understand the possibilities. I have listed down
couple of things based on my limited presence and knowledge on Twitter,
FaceBook. Please contribute with sharing anything you have come across – any
interesting model, any interesting website, your thoughts, anything.
I will keep adding them to the list, as they come.
To list few areas:
1.      Marketing
and Promotion
Travel Companies
2.      Brand
Building and Awareness – Companies are using them to update customers and
employees with latest news.
Mahindra Satyam 🙂
3.      Connect
and Network – Connecting like-minded
Sprouter.com – Connecting
4.      Crowdsourcing
and Brainstorming – Yes, few companies have started using twitter for
crowdsourcing ideas overnight. Interesting.
5.      Broadcasting
Some interesting websites and specific
ideas I came across:
1.      #Twitter
– Twitter powered icecream trucks/vendors to share there whereabouts
2.      #Twitter
– School lunch menu published via Twitter
3.      #Twitter
– Crowdsourcing ideas overnight through Twitter
4.      #FaceBook
– Gaming applications like Farmville, Restaurant city, some Pictionary type
game, etc.


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