Fly with your favorite stars!!

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Innovation, Internet, i_THINK_therefore_i_am, Management, The_Entrepreneur_in_Me, Think_Business
Imagine this. You are flying alone to some place. Domestic or International. You reach airport 2 hours prior to the departure. You check in. You block a window seat. Get your security check done and then you wait for boarding to start. You look at the watch and you still have 1 hour for boarding. Now you spend this 1 hour somehow and then you board the flight. You enter early and take your window seat. You realize journey is 3 hours to 8 hours long. At this point, have you ever wondered how will you be spending next few hours? Who is going to sit right next to you? Have you ever wished a celebrity, a business tycoon or a beautiful girl to take the seat right next to you?

Problem defined:

There is a long transit and travel time when people travel between cities. In most cases, this time goes unproductive.

There are only few choices available for travelers at present.

1.  Read magazines/ books.

2.  Tune into in flight entertainment.

3.  Turn on your laptop.

4.  Catch some sleep.

How can a person traveling utilize this travel time more productively to build social network?

Solution – The thought:

Travelers should be given an option ‘To socialize consciously!’. The person traveling should be facilitated to choose his/her fellow passenger (by mutual consent of course!)!?

This can be achieved through a product (software/application) with integrated features of ‘seat booking management system’ and ‘Social networks’.


Such product can provide multifold benefits for all the stakeholders:

1.  For travelers – Productive utilization of travel time.
2.  For travelers – Opportunity to get along with likeminded / enhance social network.

3.  For airlines – More takers for middle seats in airlines.

This window of 5+ hours (boarding + waiting + flying) is a great opportunity waiting to be tapped. This window can present a good platform to people for socializing, building contacts and cutting business deals on the fly!

Who knows… you might fly with Angelina Jolies of the World, next time!

* I am sure, many more business ideas can be brainstormed to tap into these 5+ hours of unproductive time of a Traveler. Please share.

* I have worked on detailed features and business model of the possible product. Contact me at

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