Changing trend in Internet Presence of Companies.

Posted: February 5, 2010 in Internet, i_THINK_therefore_i_am, Management, Strategy, The_Entrepreneur_in_Me, Think_Business

I was reading about penetration of social websites and micro blogging and their relevance in today’s business context when one thought suddenly flashed in and left me wondering.

If we trace the Internet presence of companies/businesses over the last decade, there is a surprising trend that emerges. To make things more clear, let’s go back in time and trace some trends in internet space with context to Companies and Businesses.

Time: Early 2000s
Internet Presence: Company Website.
Use/Content: Content Sharing. Mainly used for sharing Company specific content. Products, Solutions, Success stories,etc..
Content Update Frequency: Long intervals. Usually Months or Years.

Time: Mid 2000s
Internet Presence: Websites + Blogs
Use/Content: Experience Sharing + Content Sharing
Content Update Frequency: Shorter Intervals. Weekly or Fortnightly.

Time: Late 2000s
Internet Presence: Websites + Blogs + Web 2.0 (Micro Blogs + Social Network) Presence
Use/Content: News update + Updated Customer + Experience Sharing + Content Sharing
Content Update Frequency: Even Shorter Intervals. Daily or Weekly.

So, tracing the internet presence of companies, the trend shows that focus of companies have moved from ‘uploading large content less frequently’ to ‘updating smaller content more frequently’. Strange trend…

Either companies have become more customer centric, OR, it is just another battle for consumer’s mind space where companies are trying to engage customer on a more frequent basis.

The thought just left me wondering, after short and sweet daily updates on Twitter, what could come up next? Is there anything shorter than Tweets being developed somewhere!!?
Watch this space for more such thoughts.
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