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Worked Up!!!

Posted: May 31, 2011 in i_THINK_therefore_i_am
I was just struggling with this one thought regarding work. I can clearly see that there are two schools of thoughts on work:
1st. Do (Work) what you like; and,
2nd.Work as a mean to sustain self.
1st School – sounds quite enticing… but people are not sure of financial benefits in this. Probably people are only considering short term benefits and are unable to see long term. Lot many successful examples here – book writers, entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, singers, musicians, photographers, etc. Persistence, willpower, passion followed by good benefits. Some singers, artists, entrepreneurs etc. keep on following their dream for several years before they actually achieve success.
2nd School – people keep doing what they are doing. What they have been tuned to or forced to take up by parents, society, education, etc. They take work as means to achieve other things in life. Roti, Kapda aur Makaan. Then other things like hobbies, likes, etc. One can find good examples here as well. Infact, large population falls under this category only. Best in this creed give 100% to work. Take life as it comes and enjoy walk of life (atleast try to believe that they are…). Follow your year on year KPIs to get promotions, good salaries, etc. Don’t find many negatives in this approach as well. Easy to adopt. Easy to follow short term specific goals. Sureity of basic necessities getting addressed. Sureity that things (finances, positions, etc.) will improve with time and experience.
And then there is 3rd. Probably worst of all. Heart says follow 1st. Mind says 2nd. Days pass in doubt whether to go with 1st or 2nd. Then weeks… then years. They can’t enjoy present, can not give best to their job, keep shuffling between two worlds. Keep switching between dreams and reality.

These thoughts leave me totally worked up…!!

No one thought is good over other! I think it totally depends on the individual and what he has accepted gracefully in his life. Problem starts only when someone is stuck between two thoughts and unable to commit to one and take action. Yeah… Probably :s !!