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In pursuit of finding deeper meaning of life… I have read lot of
self help, biographies, motivational books over last few years. The
titles cut across different times, different eras, different authors
and different languages.

What I find surprising however is that they all mostly talk the same
thing? A very common set of traits, habits, values, beliefs and
practices appear.

To list few top of the mind recalls (Can call them Universal Success Mantras):
1. True DESIRE
2. Followed by undying BELIEF and FAITH
3. LAW OF ATTRACTION follows – Universe conspires to give what you
truly desire and believe to you
4. MASTER MIND GROUP helps – A group of like minded to interact,
inspire and mutually learn at regular interval. Great revelation. True
across centuries – Benjamin Franklin, Einstein, Stephen Hawkings, etc.
5. In a carefully chosen good ENVIRONMENT – good friends, good people.
6. With clarity of Life’s PURPOSE, definite goal and clear vision
(listen to your heart)
7. Fire it up with day PLANNING
8. And support all of above with bonus HABITS – optimism, discipline,
humility, self control, etc.

These few, time tested principles have sticked around through ages.
Time and again, books over books are drafted on them. Irony is… all
talk almost the same thing and still all are bestsellers. This leaves
me with big WHY and two questions. If these are sure shot mantras to
success, 1) why are all these books read by all, when they talk same
thing; and 2) why are these principles/mantras still followed by very

Dwelling further on first question, I can say… it probably happens
because, very few are able to find their true purpose (< 5% of entire
population). So, 95% remains unsettled at heart. Most of them give in
to circumstances and learn to ignore their inner voice, but still
there are sufficient people in this 6 bn world population, who are
always in search of inner peace. This is the population these writers
target at (or address). Well, I see no harm in addressing latent needs
and selling extreme emotions (yes, ‘extreme’ as the successful writers
know that only extreme sells. Extreme positive and/or extreme negative
emotions are anytime hit formula). As a matter of fact they are doing
good. Even if one person changes for good, even for a single day after
reading these books… They have done their job. World would be one
productive man day better overall. And that’s some contribution.

This brings us to second question, why despite being so obvious, these
success mantras are followed by only few? Why only 5% of the world
population? – Reasons I can think are obvious. First, majority of
world’s population is struggling for survival. They are struggling for
regular food, shelter and home. This part of population can not think
of moving to next level? Remember Maslow!!? Very few are able to break
out of this vicious cycle. Secondly, though these universal success
mantras sound simple and easy, they are damn difficult to believe in
and to follow. Remember, true belief is one of the basic premise. One
need to first believe in these principles, to reap further benefits,
then one needs to become disciplined, next to come is hard work on
continuous self improvement… And trust, this last bit is really
difficult. After spending whole day in earning bread and shelter for
family… It’s very convenient to slip in bed and watch TV rather than
holding yourself up for another couple of hours. It’s difficult and
needs real conviction and purpose driven life. It needs breaking out
of your comfort zone and that is not very comfortable for majority of
the population. This is where people generally loose out. And yet
again I would say, even if people change for few days after reading
such articles/books, authors have done their job!

So, It’s easy… Isn’t it? Explanation is easy… And so appears to be
‘Success’. ‘Universal Success mantras’ are staring at you. Answers are
right up there. So close… But, yet so far!!

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The best I can!

Posted: August 18, 2011 in i_THINK_therefore_i_am
Some personalities strangely inspire me. Whenever I look at some
famous personalities of 18th and 19th century, whenever I read about
these people, they fill me with mysterious inspiration. I’m talking
about league of Beethovens and Benjamin Franklins of the world. It is
inspiring to see that how much self motivated these people were. They
were true torch bearers. They, at that time, when information was not
so readily available, made so many contributions to the world at
large. They knew exactly what they wanted to achieve and their purpose
on earth. They pursued their interests and made their presence felt.
Look at their perseverance, their dedication to learn and then to
Beethoven once when going through a low phase in his life, shrugged
the idea of suicide cause he felt that he still had to give his best
contribution to society and music. And then later came his symphony
no. 9. One of the best piece of music till date. He was almost deaf by
that time cause of his illness. He received 5 rounds of standing
ovation for his act. Maximum allowed at that time was 3 rounds for
Wow! This is what inspires me. Passion.
Irony is that what these great personalities could do then, is very
hard to find even now, when we are living in era of information
One can argue that we are talking only about 1% or may be 2% of
population then. And if we see around we could easily find some great
guys but again only in 1-2% of population.
Yes, I agree. There are great personalities in this era as well and
there have been few throughout the history. But, still I feel that
with so many resources available this percentage should have increased
over time.
No particular point to make. Just wanted to acknowledge achievement of
these great leaders. And to accept, that, all of them inspires me to
do something great. They motivate me to listen to my heart and follow
my dreams. Motivate me to unleash my potential. And they motivate me
to exhaust my capabilities to contribute the best I can out of me.