The best I can!

Posted: August 18, 2011 in i_THINK_therefore_i_am
Some personalities strangely inspire me. Whenever I look at some
famous personalities of 18th and 19th century, whenever I read about
these people, they fill me with mysterious inspiration. I’m talking
about league of Beethovens and Benjamin Franklins of the world. It is
inspiring to see that how much self motivated these people were. They
were true torch bearers. They, at that time, when information was not
so readily available, made so many contributions to the world at
large. They knew exactly what they wanted to achieve and their purpose
on earth. They pursued their interests and made their presence felt.
Look at their perseverance, their dedication to learn and then to
Beethoven once when going through a low phase in his life, shrugged
the idea of suicide cause he felt that he still had to give his best
contribution to society and music. And then later came his symphony
no. 9. One of the best piece of music till date. He was almost deaf by
that time cause of his illness. He received 5 rounds of standing
ovation for his act. Maximum allowed at that time was 3 rounds for
Wow! This is what inspires me. Passion.
Irony is that what these great personalities could do then, is very
hard to find even now, when we are living in era of information
One can argue that we are talking only about 1% or may be 2% of
population then. And if we see around we could easily find some great
guys but again only in 1-2% of population.
Yes, I agree. There are great personalities in this era as well and
there have been few throughout the history. But, still I feel that
with so many resources available this percentage should have increased
over time.
No particular point to make. Just wanted to acknowledge achievement of
these great leaders. And to accept, that, all of them inspires me to
do something great. They motivate me to listen to my heart and follow
my dreams. Motivate me to unleash my potential. And they motivate me
to exhaust my capabilities to contribute the best I can out of me.

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