Sitting alone, thinking again… am I into the right thing? where to? The search continues.

Posted: October 5, 2011 in i_THINK_therefore_i_am, The_Entrepreneur_in_Me
An chance encounter today with one of my ex-colleague and senior left me on the thinking table again. It’s all about choices you have and choices you make. Different people, same subject but different take. In discussion was the eternal question in this race called ‘potential next professional move’.
So, when should a person move and what should a person consider while moving places? One good point he made, which I also agree is, when your contribution to the company becomes significantly more than the company’s contribution to your skillset, it’s time to move on. He gave some good pointers on what skills set to learn and focus on. What I should be focusing on before making my next professional move to another corporate and all. Very fair points… all well taken.The point he made was simple – if what you want to learn from entrepreneurship is what you are getting to learn (even if 80%) in a good corporate profile then why opting for more risky alternative. Do good things, learn skills set and earn good money.

This discussion left me wondering… what should I actually be doing? Corporate way or Entrepreneurship way? Again some questions and self-doubts. So, thought will write something about this and writing might help in clearing up my mind.

So, why entrepreneurship? I will try to list down few of my thoughts that pull me towards entrepreneurship. All reasons listed here and honest!

  • The (Entrepreneurship) itch started in very first months of my first job. Why? Probably, I started to think that I could make at least double the money, while working for myself. So, reason #1 – I want to make money.
  • I started to think very early into corporate that the complete environment is more restrictive than free. The philosophy around free thinking I found was good only in books. Reason #2 –  I need freedom to think freely
  • I have this feeling for long now that they (corporate) can not realize and utilize my full potential. Reason #3 – I want to produce the best I can 24×7.
  • I mostly don’t fight much for that one notch up rating in performance appraisals. I don’t believe in pushing back much. I know I don’t deserve to be there being evaluated based on someone’s perspective . My delivery and execution on ground speaks of itself which is corroborated by repeat projects, client’s feedback and the respect I carry. So, reason #4 – I want freedom from being judged based on subjective perspectives.
  • I don’t find the complete corporate environment enough challenging intellectually. Reason #5 – I want more challenges and more frequent intellectual interlocks.
  • I have taken up tough projects and delivered well. I know I can deliver any type of project now. What’s next? Looking for next big challenge! Reason #6 – Challenges! Let them come in!
  • I know that I have lot of potential in me, which just needs a little bit of direction and some means to come out. Reason #7 – Self improvement, Reason #8 – means to bring out my best potential
  • I have thought of many business ideas (mostly internet based) in past few years. All original. But could not take them forward and have later seen different companies coming up around similar ideas. Disappointing at times, but it corroborates my belief in my ideas and their business worthiness. Reason #9 – To prove that my ideas are well worth it.
  • I have started to realize that most of my ideas are customer/consumer centric. I can help create systems to help community at large. Reason #10 – To exhaust the best in me to impact lot of lives in general.
  • When I close my eyes and think how I want to be remembered, I can see myself as a person who has created something significant and have touched millions of lives during my lifetime. Reason #11 – Live out my life to my purpose
  • I want to do something at the very intersection of creativity and intellect, intersection of left and right brain. Reason #12 – To create my own work around my own interests and strengths
  • I am passionate and creative at heart. I want to see a creation of mine where I put in all my heart and mind. I want to feel that stage where heart, mind and soul becomes one. A creation that will take me to the state of ecstasy, complete synchronization and resonance with nature and universe. That stage is my ultimate pursuit. Reason #13 – To reach the stage of synchronicity
  • I realize and know that universe has given me something unique and my life will be wasted if I don’t use that special something to achieve my life’s purpose. Reason #14 – To use my unique gifts to add something significant to this world
  • I realize that my life is all about pursuit and realization of that purpose. Reason #15 – I believe that my pursuit of life’s purpose goes through the entrepreneurial me.

Yes, I think I have listed most of the reasons that pulls me toward entrepreneurship. I am just a change agent in this special scheme of things.

And, it really helped writing out my thoughts today. I am much relieved, clear and motivated. Yes, all set! I know what I want!
Blurting down inner thoughts on paper sometimes act as meditation it seems. Great!

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