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For more than 10 years now, I have been trying to get some understanding on a few deep topics like meaning and purpose of life, happiness and success. They have been haunting me for long now. I almost had my bets on the true purpose of life as “To exhaust it all (whatever lies within) to create the best you can!”
Then recently I read something on Buddhism and The Noble Truths leading into concept of control over feelings and got introduced to one very interesting concept. Fusion of Buddhism philosophy with Theory of Natural Selection. We (human beings and other living organisms) are wired to do things so as to improve our chances of survival. The origin of our feelings could be attributed to Natural Selection: ‘Fear’ when we feel threatened, ‘Love’ coz we ultimately want to pass on the genes to next generation and hence to improve our chances of survival, etc. We have evolved so much over last thousands of years that these feelings now come natural to us. That could be one of the reason we seek out material and worldly success – to prove our superiority over billions of other people > to be one of the promising candidate to pass on our genes and our legacy.
Assuming that all this is true and say Theory of Natural Selection is a Universal Principle. That means Universe is constantly trying to improve and evolve towards a better and more efficient form. Human life being one very small component of this ever evolving multi-verse. If this is true, purpose of any thing (living, non-living, micro-organisms or humans) should be to become more and more efficient and for us (human beings) it might boil down to improve chances of survival through any possible means – passing on the best genes, programming human genes, improving life span, exploring the outer space and settle humans in parallel worlds, etc.
All this is possible only if we acknowledge our desires/feelings and feed them – desire to do more, desire to achieve, desire to prove ourselves, etc. Till this point it still makes a some sense. Now the tricky part. With such desires come all kind of feelings – pain, disappointment, etc. And so the saints say that to be really happy we need to break away from these feelings through discipline, cessation, mindfulness, etc.
So, building further on above thoughts, two possible ways of living life could be:
1) To closely listen and feed your feelings – so as to do the best you can to improve chances of survival – do big things and make a dent. This is aligned completely to supposedly Universal Principle – Theory of Natural Selection.
2) To control your feelings, be mindful, be happy and break out of this whole cycle. No desire, no sadness, no disappointments. But I think it would be super hard to work against a Universal Principle. That’s why only few can actually follow this path.
Something inside me tells me that there is a third path as well:
3) Life of Excellence: Discover what lies within and use all your talents & resources to create whatever best you can. Think fine artists, sportsmen, etc.
I am torn as one part of me wants to be a super achiever and another part of me wants a reclusive life somewhere in a countryside.
At this point, I am not sure what the truth is. I have got a hunch that it lies somewhere in between the three triads, but have no clue how to triangulate them to find the only truth.
Any help (suggestions on books, people, articles, etc.) to push me towards The way of Life is more than welcome.

Baandh ke yun, kyu chal raha hai khud ko… 
In sab ke banaye daayere mein!
Ye apne pankh faila ke to dekh…
Kahan door tak le jaate hain ye tujhe!

Oh Captain!!

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 Life has got its own way of hitting you hard and directing you towards the bigger purpose…  towards your higher goals.

When you start getting used to circumstances, when you start submitting to situations and when you start getting cozied up in a different zone than where you naturally belong… It creeps in behind you… in a stealth mode… and it hits you. You wake up all of the sudden from a bad dream it seems. Realizing that all this while you were wrongly placed… and you knew that you were wrongly placed… but you were in a comfort zone, which was difficult to break through. Now, all of a sudden, you realize and you know that you were standing in a wrong place. You were working hard… but working to hold on an unnatural thing. All your energy… all you efforts… were being used for holding a thing that doesn’t naturally belong here… or there. And now you know… that it’s no use to hold (wrong) things any longer… because you were holding on… in anticipation that you would move with the wave… even when you knew that your resources (talent/time) were being wasted… even when you knew that you were not using the best within you… the circumstances never wanted the best… and you never gave the best. You held the boat with just the required effort so as to make sure that it never leaves the shore. To hold the boat was a misfit in the first place. The wanderer in you wanted to dream and explore… yet you chose to be at the shore… more safe and more average. You just slept and crept into your comfort zone. And now… Captain is all set to sail again with promise to be back in some time again… Then one day… life hits you again… Captain is about to leave and without you this time… and you realize now… that if you want to dream and explore… you should develop those wings before the captain leaves… And suddenly the time starts ticking. This is your last chance… your only chance. Learn to fly now or submit to captains’ wishes forever. Oh Captain!!


This is the life’s way. It gives you some opportunities to discover your true self… to be true to yourself… and be the being that life wanted you to be. So, develop wings and fly. Fly high… as high as you can. Don’t fritter a second… because now each second counts. It stands between you and  your true self. Trade it wisely.