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Oh Captain!!

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Uncategorized
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 Life has got its own way of hitting you hard and directing you towards the bigger purpose…  towards your higher goals.

When you start getting used to circumstances, when you start submitting to situations and when you start getting cozied up in a different zone than where you naturally belong… It creeps in behind you… in a stealth mode… and it hits you. You wake up all of the sudden from a bad dream it seems. Realizing that all this while you were wrongly placed… and you knew that you were wrongly placed… but you were in a comfort zone, which was difficult to break through. Now, all of a sudden, you realize and you know that you were standing in a wrong place. You were working hard… but working to hold on an unnatural thing. All your energy… all you efforts… were being used for holding a thing that doesn’t naturally belong here… or there. And now you know… that it’s no use to hold (wrong) things any longer… because you were holding on… in anticipation that you would move with the wave… even when you knew that your resources (talent/time) were being wasted… even when you knew that you were not using the best within you… the circumstances never wanted the best… and you never gave the best. You held the boat with just the required effort so as to make sure that it never leaves the shore. To hold the boat was a misfit in the first place. The wanderer in you wanted to dream and explore… yet you chose to be at the shore… more safe and more average. You just slept and crept into your comfort zone. And now… Captain is all set to sail again with promise to be back in some time again… Then one day… life hits you again… Captain is about to leave and without you this time… and you realize now… that if you want to dream and explore… you should develop those wings before the captain leaves… And suddenly the time starts ticking. This is your last chance… your only chance. Learn to fly now or submit to captains’ wishes forever. Oh Captain!!


This is the life’s way. It gives you some opportunities to discover your true self… to be true to yourself… and be the being that life wanted you to be. So, develop wings and fly. Fly high… as high as you can. Don’t fritter a second… because now each second counts. It stands between you and  your true self. Trade it wisely.